CX Venous Workshop 2017


ClariVein Mechanochemical Ablation (Vascular Insights)


ClosureFast (Medtronic) – Truncal Ablation – Thermal Ablation – Demonstration 1 – Ravinder Singh-Ranger


ClosureFast (Medtronic) – Truncal Ablation – Thermal Ablation – Demonstration 2 – Ravinder Singh-Ranger


ISOBAR – Custom fit compression garments – Charles McCollum


Mechanochemical ablation of varicose veins – Steve Elias (Edited case)


Performing cyanoacrylate closure (VenaSeal) of great saphenous vein – Sudip Ray (Edited case)


Rapid thrombus removal with Angiojet ZelanteDVT Thrombectomy Catheter – Olivier Hartung (Edited case)


Treating extensive PTS – The VICI VENOUS STENT – Prakash Saha (Edited case)


Vascular Ultrasound Training Simulator – Usman Jaffer


Venous embryology and anatomy and virtual reality teaching – Jean-Francois Uhl


Venous Endovascular Stenting – Does Flexibility matter – Manj Gohel (Edited case)


Venous Stent Portfolio (Optimed) – Rick De Graaf


Venovo Venous Stent (Bard)


Vici Venous Stent (Veniti) – Demonstration 2 – Prakash Saha


Vici Venous Stent (Veniti) – Prakash Saha