What to Expect In-Person @ CX 2024

I attend CX to network with international colleagues in the field of vascular surgery. The best part of CX was seeing my colleagues again in-person after the pandemic years.

CX 2023 In-Person Delegate, Physician

The best thing for me about Charing Cross was the opportunity to deal hands-on with new technologies.

CX 2023 In-Person Delegate, Physician

The IT facilities were of a very high quality and it was easy to navigate the app to see which talks were on and when. There was only standing room available in a lot of sessions – bigger venue next time?

CX 2023 In-Person Delegate, Physician

What to Expect as an In-Person Delegate at CX 2024:

  1. Bigger Venue: CX 2024 is moving to the fantastic ExCeL Centre London, affording us with more space for workshops, bigger auditoria and larger exhibition opportunities.
  2. Workshops: We are expanding our workshop opportunities! CX 2024 will host a number of new hands-on-workshops, which as always will be free to attend!
  3. Social Events: Connect and network with peers at CX social evenings, virtual delegates will miss out on this fantastic opportunity to connect with their colleagues in-person.

We will be releasing more information about upcoming workshop opportunities, CX social events, competitions and programme information shortly – stay tuned!