Over four days, nine abstract and poster sessions covered topics including thoracic aortic, abdominal aortic, peripheral arterial, acute stroke and vascular access. Over 220 abstracts were presented by trainee and senior clinicians from 34 different countries.

Fadi Taher

Fadi Taher (Vienna, Austria) won the best Trainee Clinician Abstract Prize with the presentation “Assessing the learning curve for fenestrated endovascular aortic aneurysm repair” (Thoracic Aortic).

Dainis Krievins (Riga, Latvia) won in the senior category with the presentation “Treatment of TASC IID superficial femoral artery occlusion using a novel percutaneous bypass procedure: results from the DETOUR I trial” (Peripheral Arterial).

Petrut Gogalniceanu (London, UK) won best abstract  in Vascular Access with the presentation “Angioplasty in paediatric arteriovenous fistulae ‒ clinical and radiological outcomes”.

Dainis Krievins

The trainee clinician and senior clinician winners have been awarded £1,000 each and a diploma for best presentation on the basis or originality, potential clinical benefit, delivery of presentation and handling of a question and answer session. Abstracts submitted in Vascular Access were judged separately and the best presentation within the CX Vascular Access Programme was awarded £500. A great benefit for both CX Abstract Prize winners and Certificate of Merit winners is that they all get the opportunity to submit topics to become invited Faculty for next year’s CX.

Twelve posters selected for presentation out of 68 posters displayed were carefully reviewed this year by the CX Abstract Board, who decided to award their prize of a free CX 2018 registration to Daniela Mazzaccaro (San Donato Milanese, Italy) for her poster “Study and patient specific prediction of the fatigue behaviour of peripheral nitinol stent of the superficial femoral arteries through mathematical modelling”.

Petrut Gogalniceanu

Congratulating all of the CX Selected Posters Session authors, chairperson Meryl Davis (London, UK) praised the quality of this years’ posters, as well as each speakers’ ability to present their research in a very short space of time.

 2016 Abstract winners who presented at CX 2017

Last year’s Senior Clinician Abstract Prize was awarded to Katariina Noronen (Helsinki, Finland) for her work on diabetic foot ulcers. This year, she returned to CX with an expanded presentation on the topic, giving a talk during the Peripheral Arterial Consensus Update Plenary session entitled, “Delay designates disaster for diabetic foot.”

Dominic Howard (Oxford, UK), who won last year’s Trainee Clinician Abstract Prize for his work on the prevention of ischaemic peripheral arterial events, came back to CX with his Acute Stroke Consensus Update presentation entitled, “Low risk of ischaemic stroke distal to asymptomatic carotid stenosis on contemporary medical treatment—population-based cohort study.”

2016 Certificate of Merit winners who presented at CX 2017

Trainee clinicians: 

Pasha Normahani (Imperial College, London, UK)

Presentation: Point-of-care duplex ultrasound a paradigm shift in the detection of peripheral arterial disease in diabetes

Muholan Kanapathy (London, UK)

Presentation: Biological strategies for wound healing

Hector de Beaufort (San Donato Milanese, Italy)

Presentation: The potential for flow dynamics to inform stent sizing for thoracic aortic disease


Senior clinicians:             

Yiu-Che Chan (Hong Kong)

Presentation: Predictors of recanalisation after cyanoacrylate truncal vein treatment

Johann Christof Ragg (Berlin, Germany)

Presentation: Biomatrix sclerofoam as a rival for endothermal ablation

Philipp Geisbuesch (Heidelberg, Germany)

Presentation 1: Migration after TEVAR

Presentation 2: Contrast enhanced cone beam CT (ceCBCT) for intraoperative quality assessment during endovascular aortic procedures


CX Abstract Sessions ‒ Certificate of Merit winners 2017

Trainee clinicians:

Kakkhee Yeung (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Using skin biopsies to study contractile function of smooth muscle cells in aortic aneurysms

Hong-Yau Tan (Bedford Park, Australia)

Comparison between vascular, pulmonary and cardiac rehab programmes

Guy Martin (London, UK)

Understanding anti-hypertensive medication adherence in chronic type B aortic dissection; an important consideration in the management debate?

Justinas Silickas (London, UK)

Patency of venous stents inserted for thrombotic disease in patients who become pregnant

Kate Stenson (London, UK)

Endovascular aneurysm sealing with chimney grafts – outcomes from the first 67 cases at a single institution

Celine Dubuis (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Chimney graft technique combined with the Nellix Endovascular Aneurysm Sealing technology for complex abdominal aortic aneurysms


Senior clinicians:

Andrew Holden (Auckland, New Zealand)

Safety and performance of the Shockwave Lithoplasty system in treating calcified peripheral vascular lesions: intravascular OCT analysis

Nalaka Gunawansa (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Open distal revascularisation in chronic kidney disease; is it worthwhile?

Tobias Hirsch (Halle, Germany)

Acrylate adhesion of saphenous varicose veins: what do we know about the allergenic potential?

Marianne Brodmann (Graz, Austria)

Twelve-month duplex patency and magnetic resonance angiography following OCT-guided atherectomy: single-centre prospective case series

Steven Rogers (Altrincham, United Kingdom)

Tomographic ultrasound angiography may replace traditional angiography for peripheral artery imaging

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