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CX Interviews

CX 2019: Highlights from the inaugural iWounds Workshop

Michael Edmonds (London, UK), Thomas Serena (Warren, USA), Keith Harding (Cardiff, UK), and Williams Ennis (Oak Lawn, USA) talk at CX Live about the first ever iWounds workshop, the importance of wound management and [...]

Don’t miss: The influence of hyperglycaemia on spinal cord injury

Jade Hiramoto (San Francisco, USA) tells CX Live about why she believes “everyone should consider normalising glucose levels after long, complex endovascular aortic procedures—and maybe even after open thoracoabdominal aortic procedures.” Hiramoto is presenting [...]

CX 2019: Why a signed consent form “is not consent”

Jonathan Beard, (Sheffield, UK), discusses the current medicolegal issues in the field and explains how vascular surgeons can become “the fall-guy for the inadequacies of other clinicians”. Beard touches on how the threshold for [...]