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CX Interviews

CX 2023: Reaching a Multidisciplinary Consensus

  In conversation with CX Chairman Professor Roger Greenhalgh, aortic expert Alexander Zimmerman (Zurich, Switzerland) discusses the upcoming Aortic course (Wednesday, 26 April), the importance of continuous education for the practicing surgeon and, a multidisciplinary approach to treating and managing the [...]

CX 2023: Innovation and Audience Interaction

Professor Andrew Holden (Auckland, New Zealand) is really excited about the 18 podium first presentations showcasing new data at CX 2023 and uniquely, the interaction between a world-class faculty and expert audience. Register now to attend CX 2023! [...]

CX 2023: Challenging the Vascular Status Quo

  In this conversation between CX chairman Roger Greenhalgh and Professor of Vascular Surgery, Maarit Venermo (Helsinki, Finland), we discuss the importance of challenging the status quo in vascular and endovascular surgery. Professor Venermo [...]

CX 2023: Aortic Techniques & Technologies Highlights

Start planning your CX 2023 itinerary today! We sat down with CX Executive Board member, Tilo Kölbel (Hamburg, Germany), to discuss the upcoming presentations in the Aortic techniques & technologies sessions. Register for the CX 2023 Consensus [...]

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