On Tuesday 9 April, in the CX Non-Cardiovascular Adavanced Imaging Day session, Roger Greenhalgh, London, UK, introduced the speakers from the respective companies who spoke about building a hybrid operating room, the financial implications of doing so, and laser-guided hybrid suites.

In the afternoon session, chaired by John Primrose, president of the association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, showed delegates on the following topics:

  • Florian Gebhard, Ulm, Germany—Making the hybrid operating room cost effective: the multidisciplinary hybrid operating room, and improving trauma care
  • Manuel Ritter, Mannheirn, Germany— Radiation safety: management of dose in the hybrid operating room, and improvement of PCNL by Uro-Dyna computed tomography (CT)
  • Helmut Isringhaus, Völkinghaus, Germany—Minimally-invasive resection of small lung nodules guided by fluoroscopy
  • Javier Fandino, Aarau, Switzerland—Concept and applications of the hybrid operating room in cerebrovascular surgery
  • Dogu Teber, Heidelberg, Germany—Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy in kidney cancer guided by Dyna CT/laparoscopy image diffusion
  • Marco van Strijen, Nieuwegien, The Netherlands,—Advanced image guidance in renal tumour ablations
  • Beat Müller, Heidelberg, Germany—Image-guided partial liver resection in hepatocellular carcinoma
  • Alexander Schramm, Ulm, Germany—First experience of maxillofacial surgery in a hybrid operating room
  • Chrisitan Raftopoulos, Brussels, Belgium—The hybrid operating room for neurosurgery
  • Hicham Kobeiter, Créteil, France—Advanced image guidance for transcatheter arterial tumour embolisation using EmboGuide