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Thoracic Aortic On Demand - Monday, 19th April
Venue:   On demand
‘Awake’ spinal cord monitoring under local anaesthesia and conscious sedation in fenestrated and branched endovascular aortic repair
Speaker:   Said Abisi, London, United Kingdom
Identifying the appropriate population for endovascular repair of TAAAs
Speaker:   Patrick Kelly, Sioux Falls, United States
“MuVIT&lrquo; for cardiac output reduction during TEVAR: A physiologic alternative to balloon IVC occlusion
Speaker:   Nikolaos Tsilimparis, Munich, Germany
TEVAR for acute complicated TBAD: Improved outcomes with zone 2 versus zone 3
Speaker:   Jean Panneton, Norfolk, United States
Predictive factors for surgical treatment in non-complicated acute aortic syndromes: Ten years’ experience
Speaker:   Franco Grego, Padua, Italy
Determination of optimised and safest proximal sealing length during thoracic endovascular aortic repair
Speaker:   Michele Piazza, Padua, Italy
Current options and recommendations for the use of TEVAR in acute and chronic thoracic aortic disease - an expert consensus document of the ESC Working Group of Cardiovascular Surgery, the ESC Working Group on Aorta & Peripheral Vascular Diseases, the EAPCI of the ESC and the EACTS
Speaker:   Martin Czerny, Freiburg, Germany
The role of IVUS during BEVAR
Speaker:   Michele Antonello, Padua, Italy
Infrarenal aortic enlargement following descending thoracic endograft exclusion of aortic dissections
Speaker:   Rodney White, Torrance, United States
Clinical relevance of dynamic 4D analysis in the thoracic aorta throughout the cardiac cycle
Speaker:   Frans Moll, Utrecht, Netherlands
Patterns of progression of aortic disease after complex EVAR
Speaker:   Jurgen Falkensammer, Vienna, Austria
Edited case: BEVAR with off-the-shelf endograft through femoral approach using a large steerable sheath
Speaker:   Daniele Mascia, Milan, Italy
Bridging procedures and radical solutions for infections and fistulae of thoracic aortic grafts and endografts
Speaker:   Andrea Kahlberg, Milan, Italy
TEVAR treatment for traumatic aortic injuries - five-year clinical follow-up
Speaker:   Mark Farber, Chapel Hill, United States
Multicentre international registry of Percutaneous transAXillary Access (PAXA) during endovascular aortic procedures
Speaker:   Dominic Howard, Oxford, United Kingdom
Effect of proximal fixation length on complications after endovascular repair of type B dissection
Speaker:   Joseph Lombardi, Camden, United States
Branched endovascular aortic repair using transfemoral access with a steerable sheath and stabilising wire
Speaker:   Tilo Koelbel, Hamburg, Germany
EXPAND registry: Overview and lesion exclusion treatment experience
Speaker:   Dittmar Boeckler, Heidelberg, Germany
TEVAR outcomes for acute type B aortic dissection - five-year follow-up
Speaker:   Nimesh Desai, Philadelphia, United States
Clinical results and comparison of different balloon expandable stent grafts in complex aortic indication: Technical insights from our current experience
Speaker:   Isaac Martinez Lopez, Madrid, Spain
Early experience with a new bridging stent in the aortic arch
Speaker:   Nikolaos Tsilimparis, Munich, Germany
Tips and tricks for hybrid repair of acute type A aortic dissection
Speaker:   Ourania Preventza, Houston, United States