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CX 2015 Peripheral Arterial Live Cases.

Following the successful first year of the CX Peripheral Arterial Live Cases, CX 2016 will continue to offer delegates the opportunity to expand the discussion of key topics from the CX Peripheral Arterial Main Programme by learning techniques of how to achieve best results in femoropopliteal lesions through the CX live-case method.

This year, the live cases will be transmitted from Münster, Germany, with Arne Schwindt and Theodosios Bisdas (Münster, Germany) as main operators. Giovanni Torsello (Münster, Germany), Thomas Zeller (Bad Krozingen, Germany), Iris Baumgartner (Bern Switzerland) and Michael Jaff (Boston, USA) will lead audience participation at CX in London and try to shed light on why a technique is chosen for a particular clinical situation. Some edited cases will also be presented.

Torsello and Bisdas discuss details of the 2016 CX Peripheral Live and Edited Cases.


Giovanni Torsello and Theodosios Bisdas

What will delegates learn from this year’s CX Peripheral Live and Edited Cases?
Our main aim is to provide highly educational cases. During the session, we will discuss indications and reasons for using a particular device, we will present specific features and characteristics of the materials and we will demonstrate technical tips and tricks to ensure a safe and effective intervention.

What techniques and technologies will be demonstrated?
The live and edited cases will be divided into two different parts. In the first part, different techniques supporting the concept of ‘leaving nothing behind’ will be demonstrated. These include drug-eluting balloons in challenging long occlusions, atherectomy and scoring balloons. In the second part, the concept of ‘leaving something in’ will be presented. During these cases, the delegates will have the opportunity to view the deployment of drug-eluting stents, biomimetic stents and stent grafts. Finally, a case of percutaneous transluminal rotational thrombectomy will be presented.

The CX Symposium believes in strong audience interaction; how will you encourage participants’ interaction in this session?
The success of this session is directly associated with audience interaction. The audience will be called to challenge the indications or techniques, share positive or negative experiences with the devices and ask technical questions. It should be highlighted that both experienced and inexperienced interventionalists are invited to ask questions and comment on the cases.

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The CX Peripheral Live and Edited Cases will take place at the Charing Cross Symposium on Wednesday 29 April – Lower Main Auditorium, Olympia Grand, London, UK

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