The CX Venous Workshop consists of one-to-one demonstrations by world-leading experts and expands on the technical aspects of key superficial and deep venous topics discussed in the CX Venous Main Programme. This year, a new section on aesthetic phlebology will be included in the workshop.

Venous workshop collage

CX Venous Workshop 2015

Franklin comments: “The venous world encompasses a wide variety of issues ranging from acute deep vein thrombosis to severe chronic post thrombotic syndrome and varicose veins but there is also a practice in phlebology which is related to aesthetics. Getting a good cosmetic result every time treating thread veins in discerning patients can be the hardest part of phlebological practice.”

He continues, “We are bringing some sclereotherapy techniques to expand the aesthetic side rather than truncal venous reflex. Two new lasers stations using lasers in different ways will also be included.”

Over two days, the workshop will offer delegates open access to attend various training stations at any time.

Speaking on the additional highlights of this year’s workshop, Franklin says: “In 2016, the CX Venous Workshop is not so much about new kit and new devices it is more about providing a better understanding of when to use and when not to use them and where they fit in the treatment of patients. The ethos of the CX Venous Workshop is trying to create a balance bringing together everything that has a phlebological interest. We try to be as inclusive as possible for individual and personalised practice.”

The CX Venous Workshop will take place at the Charing Cross Symposium on Wednesday 27 April and Thursday 28 April – Gallery, Olympia Grand, London, UK

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