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CX 2024: Competition Winners and Top Performers


Community and collaboration are at the heart of the Charing Cross Symposium. We want to recognise our top contributors and delegates who competed and showed their expertise in competitions, who are all vital members of the CX community!

Top Scoring Abstract Presentations: 

Senior Clinical Abstract Winner:

  • Rockwood Frailty Scale score above 5 is associated with a six-fold […]
CX 2024: Competition Winners and Top Performers2024-05-07T11:34:55+01:00

CX 2024: Brand new data on cyanoacrylate glue, bioprosthetic valves and intensive pulmonary embolism treatments


Manj Gohel (Cambridge, UK) and member of the Venous Executive Board parachutes straight into the CX Venous and Lymphatics Controversies Programme to highlight the VenaSeal SPECTRUM programme, SAVVE trial and SYNCHRONOUS trial, which will all present results for the very first time to an international audience at the Charing Cross International Symposium 2024 […]

CX 2024: Brand new data on cyanoacrylate glue, bioprosthetic valves and intensive pulmonary embolism treatments2024-03-26T14:31:01+00:00

CX 2024: Get a ringside seat for the big BASIL-3 data reveal


No more freestyling, reset your endovascular CLTI practice with new Level 1 evidence

Andrew Bradbury (Birmingham, UK) and the BASIL-3 team of triallists will be presenting, for the very first time, the results of this long-awaited, only fully publicly funded randomised controlled trial (RCT) at CX 2024 (23–25 April, London, UK).

CX 2024: Get a ringside seat for the big BASIL-3 data reveal2024-03-14T11:40:59+00:00

45 Year Legacy of CX Vascular Education Continues


Three newly appointed Charing Cross International Symposium (CX) Co-chairs will ensure Roger Greenhalgh’s inspiring legacy of vascular education continues at CX 2024 with the 46th CX Symposium. Dittmar Böckler (Heidelberg, Germany), Andrew Holden (Auckland, New Zealand) and Erin Murphy (Charlotte, United States) speak about CX founder Roger Greenhalgh’s lasting legacy and the honour of leading […]

45 Year Legacy of CX Vascular Education Continues2023-10-10T12:59:22+01:00

CX 2024: Chairman’s Address


Filmed in the newly completed CX Studio, CX Chair Professor Roger Greenhalgh (London, UK), outlines the plans for CX 2024. Now in its 46th year, the Charing Cross Symposium continues to champion world-class education, innovation and evidence and opens its doors to the global vascular and endovascular community.

Don’t miss […]

CX 2024: Chairman’s Address2023-09-21T14:39:04+01:00

CX 2024: The Delegate Perspective


What to Expect In-Person @ CX 2024

I attend CX to network with international colleagues in the field of vascular surgery. The best part of CX was seeing my colleagues again in-person after the pandemic years.

The best thing for me about Charing Cross was the opportunity to deal hands-on with new technologies.

The IT […]

CX 2024: The Delegate Perspective2023-09-06T11:03:17+01:00

How to Write a Successful Abstract


Abstract submissions for CX 2024 are now open! We are inviting senior and trainee clinicians working in the vascular and endovascular field to submit abstracts to be considered for in-person presentations and electronic posters in the CX 2024 Vascular & Endovascular Controversies Update, in-person and virtual from London, UK, 23-25 April 2024 (Tuesday to […]

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