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Aortic Podium 1st session - Wednesday, 17th April
Venue:   Upper Main Auditorium
Time: 08:00 - 10:00
Abdominal Aortic
Time: 08:00 - 09:26
08:00 - 08:07
Podium 1st: ACT-guided heparinisation during non-cardiac arterial interventions: First results of the ACTION trial
Speaker:   Arno Wiersema, Amsterdam, Netherlands
08:07 - 08:14
Podium 1st: Potential EVAS cardiovascular mortality benefit through active sac management when compared to EVAR
Speaker:   Marc Schermerhorn, Boston, United States
08:14 - 08:21
Podium 1st: Exercise for abdominal aortic aneurysm patients: Early results from the AAA Get Fit Trial
Speaker:   Charles McCollum, Manchester, United Kingdom
08:21 - 08:31
Audience participation and discussion
08:31 - 08:38
Podium 1st: Early results and implication of internal iliac preservation on quality of life
Speaker:   Fabio Verzini, Turin, Italy
08:38 - 08:45
Podium 1st: EVAR plus endoanchors in the treatment of short proximal necks is a viable option: Two-year clinical results
Speaker:   Frank Arko, Charlotte, United States
08:45 - 08:55
Audience participation, discussion and polling
08:55 - 09:02
Podium 1st: FRONTIER IV data with a large bore closure device
Speaker:   Daniela Branzan, Leipzig, Germany
09:02 - 09:09
Podium 1st: New developments in fusion imaging - artificial intelligence that deforms anatomy to maintain accuracy
Speaker:   Bijan Modarai, London, United Kingdom
09:09 - 09:16
Podium 1st: The impact of polymer sealing on neck-related adverse events: Five-year results from ENCORE
Speaker:   Hence J M Verhagen, Rotterdam, Netherlands
09:16 - 09:26
Audience participation, discussion and polling
Thoracic Aortic
Time: 09:26 - 10:00
Chairing:   Tilo Kölbel, Hamburg, Germany
Moderator:   Frank Vermassen, Ghent, Belgium
09:26 - 09:33
Podium 1st: Thirty-day clinical results of global cohort with new thoracic aortic endograft
Speaker:   Fabio Verzini, Turin, Italy
09:33 - 09:40
Podium 1st: Use of inner branches in complex aneurysms - early results of the Iberian Study
Speaker:   Jorge Fernández Noya, Santiago Compostela, Spain
09:40 - 09:47
Podium 1st: T-branch registry: Results of an off-the-shelf endograft for thoracoabdominal aneurysms
Speaker:   Martin Austermann, Münster, Germany
09:47 - 10:00
Audience participation and discussion