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iWounds Workshop - Day 1 - Wednesday, 17th April
Venue:   CX iWounds Workshop
The CX iWounds Workshop is open from 13:30 to 15:30 on Wednesday and 9:30 to 15:30 on Thursday.
Facilitator:   William Ennis, Chicago, United States
Keith Harding, Cardiff, United Kingdom
Thomas O'Donnell, Boston, United States
John Lantis, New York, United States
Complex lower limb compression
Demonstrator:   Julie Stanton, Eastbourne, United Kingdom
Fiona Collins, Eastbourne, United Kingdom
Curettage wound debridement
Demonstrator:   David Gray, Eastbourne, United Kingdom
Automatic ankle-brachial index system
Demonstrator:   Anita Roberts, Cardiff, United Kingdom
Debridement and compression solutions
Demonstrator:   Jakob Susteric, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Demonstrator:   William (Bill) Tettelbach, Marietta, United States
Leanne Atkins, Wakefield, United Kingdom
Optical detection of bacteria
Demonstrator:   Thomas Serena, Warren, United States
Jamie Joint, London, United Kingdom
3C Patch autologous therapy
Demonstrator:   Magnus Löndahl, Lund, Sweden
Oxygen therapy
Demonstrator:   Robert Frykberg, Phoenix, United States
Diabetic foot and Infra-red thermography
Demonstrator:   Susan Matthews, Oldham, United Kingdom
Michael Edmonds, London, United Kingdom
Nina Petrova, London, United Kingdom
Christian Saville, London, United Kingdom
Geko for leg ulcers
Demonstrator:   Dawn Smiles, Leeds, United Kingdom
Mölnlycke Granulox
Demonstrator:   Andrew Costello, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Duncan Stang, Scotland
Footwear technology for diabetic foot ulcer patients
Demonstrator:   Sjef van Baal, ALMELO, Netherlands