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CX Venous Techniques & Technologies (edited cases) - Day 2 - Thursday, 18th April
Venue:   Venous City (Exhibition Level)
Time: 09:30 - 10:30
CX Venous edited cases - Morning
Time: 09:30 - 10:30
Chairing:   Manj Gohel, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Moderator:   Steve Elias, Englewood, United States
09:30 - 09:50
Mechanical thrombectomy in the treatment of acute venous occlusion
Speaker:   Thomas Heller, Rostock, Germany
09:50 - 10:10
Abre venous stenting
Speaker:   Stephen Black, London, United Kingdom
10:10 - 10:30
Venous obstruction management
Speaker:   Steven Dubenec, Sydney, Australia
CX Venous edited cases - Afternoon
Time: 13:00 - 13:30
Chairing:   Stephen Black, London, United Kingdom
Manj Gohel, Cambridge, United Kingdom
JETI in a typical iliofemoral thrombosis
Speaker:   Bao Bui, Sherbrooke, Canada
13:20 - 13:30
Interactive case vignettes
Faculty:   Manj Gohel, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Stephen Black, London, United Kingdom
CX Venous Workshop - Day 2 (Deep Venous)
Venue:   Venous City (Exhibition Level)
Time: 09:30 - 15:30
The CX Venous Workshop is open from 10:30 to 15:30 on Wednesday and Thursday. Participants are invited to visit the workshop as they please to explore the venous technologies available.
Facilitator:   Tristan Lane, London, United Kingdom
Hayley Moore, London, United Kingdom
Practical hands-on skills - Ultrasound City
Demonstrator:   Roshan Bootun, London, United Kingdom
Device positioning
Demonstrator:   Gregory Fulton, Wilton, Ireland
Saroj Das, Uxbridge, United Kingdom
Tumescent anaesthesia
Demonstrator:   Matthew Metcalfe, Stevenage, United Kingdom
Diagnostic venous ultrasound - Ultrasound City
Diagnostic venous ultrasound
Demonstrator:   Mary Ellis, London, United Kingdom
Hema Rao, London, United Kingdom
Pelvic vein disorders
Pelvic vein embolisation
Demonstrator:   Jocelyn Brookes, London, United Kingdom
Transvaginal duplex scanning
Demonstrator:   Yee Jia Ng, Singapore, Singapore
Air plethysmography
Demonstrator:   Christopher Lattimer, London, United Kingdom
Teresa Rola, London, United Kingdom
Strain gauge plethysmography
Demonstrator:   Oskar Nelzen, Linköping, Sweden
Interventions for acute DVT
Demonstrator:   David Look, Irvine, United States
Aspirex S - Rotational thrombectomy
Demonstrator:   Thomas Heller, Rostock, Germany
EKOS Accoustic Pulse Thrombolysis treatment
Demonstrator:   Mert Dumantepe, Istanbul, Turkey
Houman Jalaie, Aachen, Germany
8F Power aspiration with Indigo System
Demonstrator:   Jasmin Al-Gaddooa, Berlin, Germany
Deep vein thrombosis
Demonstrator:   Bekim Hymeraj, Ankara, Turkey
Oguz Dinc, Ankara, Turkey
Acute venous thrombosis
Investigation for occult malignancy after acute DVT
Demonstrator:   Gerry Stansby, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom
Superficial vein thrombosis
Demonstrator:   Raghvinder Gambhir, Chessington, United Kingdom
Thrombophilia assessment in acute DVT
Demonstrator:   Adam Gwozdz, London, United Kingdom
Acute DVT imaging and clot ageing
Demonstrator:   Brahman Dharmarajah, London, United Kingdom
Comparison of CT, MR and IVUS
Demonstrator:   Chung Sim Lim, London, United Kingdom
Cancer-related thrombosis
Demonstrator:   Francis Matthey, London, United Kingdom
Deep vein stenting
ABRE venous stent
Demonstrator:   Erin Murphy, Charlotte, United States
Optimed venous portfolio
Venovo venous stent
Demonstrator:   Steven Dubenec, Sydney, Australia
Zilver Vena case discussions and hands-on
Demonstrator:   Marta Ramirez Ortega, Madrid, Spain
Vena cava filters
ALN vena cava filter
Demonstrator:   Alain Nigon, Bormes-les-Mimosas, France
Cava filters
Demonstrator:   Nadeem Qazi, London, United Kingdom
Valve reconstruction
SailValve and VenoValve
Demonstrator:   Steve Elias, Englewood, United States
Prosthetic valve technologies
Demonstrator:   Hayley Moore, London, United Kingdom
Additional stations
Vascular ultrasound training simulator
Demonstrator:   Usman Jaffer, London, United Kingdom
IVUS in deep venous stenting
Demonstrator:   David Greenstein, Harrow, United Kingdom
Use of IVUS for upper limb and SVC interventions
Demonstrator:   Sriram Narayanan, Singapore, Singapore
Paget-Schroetter syndrome
Demonstrator:   John Thompson, Exeter, United Kingdom
Aero Wrap, Sun-Scientific
Demonstrator:   Vikram Ravikumar, New York, United States
Sundaram Ravikumar, Bruancheff, United States
Endophlebectomy and open deep venous surgery
Demonstrator:   Joseph Shalhoub, London, United Kingdom
Venous therapies from acute to chronic solutions
Demonstrator:   Domenico Baccellieri, Milan, Italy
SVS/IVC stenting procedures
Demonstrator:   Narayanan Thulasidasan, London, United Kingdom
PPG for dynamic assessment of venous function
Demonstrator:   Mohammed Aslam, London, United Kingdom
Roving Demonstrators
Demonstrator:   Sudip Ray, London, United Kingdom