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Peripheral Critical Ischaemia Challenges - Thursday, 18th April
Venue:   Lower Main Auditorium
Time: 08:00 - 18:00
ilegx Part 1
Chairing:   Cliff Shearman, Southampton, United Kingdom
Moderator:   Robert Hinchliffe, Bristol, United Kingdom
08:00 - 08:08
Approaching critical limb ischemia from a population health point of view
Speaker:   Barry Katzen, Miami, United States
08:08 - 08:16
The geriatric patient in the age of modern endovascular treatment options
Speaker:   Marianne Brodmann, Graz, Austria
08:16 - 08:24
Management of critical limb ischaemia of the lower limbs: Guidelines according to international scientific experience
Speaker:   Athanasios Giannoukas, Larissa, Greece
08:24 - 08:36
Audience participation, discussion and polling
08:36 - 08:44
Pilot assessment of the angiosome concept by intraoperative fluorescence angiography after tibial bypass surgery
Speaker:   Ulrich Rother, Erlangen, Germany
08:44 - 08:52
GLobal Anatomical Staging System: Draft guidelines for chronic limb threatening ischaemia
Speaker:   Michael Conte, San Francisco, United States
08:52 - 09:00
Combination approach in below-the-knee lesions
Speaker:   Michael Lichtenberg, Arnsberg, Germany
09:00 - 09:12
Audience participation and discussion
09:12 - 09:20
How to reduce dissections below-the-knee: Techniques & devices
Speaker:   Jos van den Berg, Lugano, Switzerland
09:20 - 09:28
TOBA II BTK update
Speaker:   Michael Lichtenberg, Arnsberg, Germany
09:28 - 09:36
Audience participation and discussion
09:36 - 09:44
Extended limb salvage operations for threatened ischaemic limbs
Speaker:   Enrico Ascher, New York, United States
09:44 - 09:52
Determinants of long-term outcomes and costs in the management of critical limb ischaemia: A population-based cohort study
Speaker:   Barry Katzen, Miami, United States
09:52 - 10:00
Audience participation and discussion
Coffee and visit to hands-on workshops
Time: 10:00 - 10:30
Coffee Symposium: Below the knee symposium
Time: 10:03 - 10:28
Chairing:   Marc Bosiers, Dendermonde, Belgium
10:03 - 10:15
The pedal access approach
Speaker:   Amine Chouiter, Neuchatel, Switzerland
10:15 - 10:28
Multidisciplinary foot clinics, a pathway to limb salvage?
Speaker:   Paul Moxey, London, United Kingdom
Peripheral Arterial Podium 1st Session
Chairing:   Gunnar Tepe, Rosenheim, Germany
Moderator:   Thomas Zeller, Bad Krozingen, Germany
10:30 - 10:38
Podium 1st: First results of the MUST trial and further updates on the use of microbubbles in thrombolysis
Speaker:   Kak Khee Yeung, Amsterdam, Netherlands
10:38 - 10:46
Podium 1st: Angiography alone in the lower limb: First results comparing IVUS and angiography in the leg
Speaker:   Konstantinos Stavroulakis, Münster, Germany
10:46 - 10:54
Podium 1st: Intravascular lithoplasty: Study status (DISRUPT PAD II and III) and lessons learnt from a real-world registry
Speaker:   Andrew Holden, Auckland, New Zealand
10:54 - 11:06
Audience participation and discussion
11:06 - 11:14
Podium 1st: The case for treating aortoiliac occlusive disease with a covered device: Early experience with new balloon-expandable endoprosthesis
Speaker:   Michele Antonello, Padua, Italy
11:14 - 11:22
Podium 1st: DCB IDE below-the-knee six-month results with in-depth look at Rutherford 5 patients
Speaker:   Patrick Geraghty, St. Louis, United States
11:22 - 11:30
Podium 1st: Final results of preclinical study comparing drug delivery on 0.018" vs. 0.035" DCB platforms
Speaker:   Andrew Holden, Auckland, New Zealand
11:30 - 11:42
Audience participation and discussion
11:42 - 11:50
Podium 1st: Two-year data from the MIMICS-2 study
Speaker:   Timothy Sullivan, Minneapolis, United States
11:50 - 11:58
Podium 1st: ZILVERPASS study - final 12-month and preliminary 24-month results
Speaker:   Marc Bosiers, Dendermonde, Belgium
11:58 - 12:06
Audience participation and discussion
12:06 - 12:14
Podium 1st: Multivariate analysis of 2,400 patients using a drug-eluting stent - patency data
Speaker:   Michael Dake, Tucson, United States
12:14 - 12:22
Podium 1st: REPLACE study - heparin-bonded ePTFE graft vs. ePTFE graft
Speaker:   Yann Gouëffic, Nantes, France
12:22 - 12:30
Audience participation and discussion
Lunch and visit to hands-on workshops
Time: 12:30 - 13:30
ilegx Part 2
Medical therapy and drug coating
Chairing:   Michael Edmonds, London, United Kingdom
Moderator:   Keith Harding, Cardiff, United Kingdom
13:30 - 13:38
Survival after lower extremity revascularisation for critical limb ischaemia is better with high dose statins
Speaker:   Marc Schermerhorn, Boston, United States
13:38 - 13:46
COMPASS and VOYAGER PAD are trying to answer our open questions for secondary prophylactic treatment in patients with peripheral arterial disease
Speaker:   Marianne Brodmann, Graz, Austria
13:46 - 13:54
Will drug-coated balloons and stents significantly impact our treatment of critical limb ischaemia?
Speaker:   Peter Schneider, Honolulu, United States
13:54 - 14:02
Audience participation, discussion and polling
14:02 - 14:10
Percutaneous transluminal lower limb angioplasty for ischaemic foot ulcers: Five-year experience
Speaker:   Mohamed Cassim, Nawala, Sri Lanka
Patients awareness of peripheral arterial disease and the use of ankle-brachial Index measurement
Speaker:   Jakob Susteric, Ljubljana, Slovenia
14:18 - 14:26
Audience participation and discussion
14:26 - 14:34
Adequate wound care after successful endovascular treatment, a keystone for success
Speaker:   Marianne Brodmann, Graz, Austria
14:34 - 14:42
Rutherford 6 wounds: The utility of multivessel revascularisation and inflow strategies
Speaker:   Peter Schneider, Honolulu, United States
14:42 - 14:54
Audience participation and discussion
14:54 - 15:02
Footwear technology for diabetic foot ulcer patients
Speaker:   Sjef van Baal, ALMELO, Netherlands
15:02 - 15:10
Impact of hyperbaric oxygen on more advanced, Wagner grade 3 and 4 diabetic foot ulcers - matching therapy to specific wound conditions
Speaker:   William Ennis, Chicago, United States
15:10 - 15:18
Diabetes medications: Impact on inflammation and wound healing
Speaker:   John Lantis, New York, United States
15:18 - 15:30
Audience participation and discussion
Tea and visit to hands-on workshops
Time: 15:30 - 16:00
Mini-symposium on arterial disease below the ankle
Chairing:   Gunnar Tepe, Rosenheim, Germany
Moderator:   Trevor Cleveland, President BSIR, Sheffield, United Kingdom
16:00 - 16:08
Indications and techniques for below-the-ankle angioplasty
Speaker:   Roberto Ferraresi, Milan, Italy
16:08 - 16:16
The place for distal bypasses in below-the-ankle treatment
Speaker:   Eric Ducasse, Bordeaux, France
16:16 - 16:24
Audience participation and discussion
Mini-symposium on the ischaemic renal foot and Charcot foot
16:24 - 16:32
Diabetic patients in renal failure high rates of morbidity and mortality
Speaker:   Michael Edmonds, London, United Kingdom
16:32 - 16:40
Pathophysiology of lower limb and dialysis
Speaker:   Robert Hinchliffe, Bristol, United Kingdom
16:40 - 16:48
Audience participation and discussion
16:48 - 16:56
Temporal association between the incidence of foot ulceration and the start of dialysis in diabetes mellitus
Speaker:   Frances Game, Derby, United Kingdom
16:56 - 17:04
Chronic kidney disease as a predictor of outcome after revascularisation of the ulcerated diabetic foot
Speaker:   Maarit Venermo, Helsinki, Finland
17:04 - 17:12
Understanding the ischaemic Charcot foot patient
Speaker:   Michael Edmonds, London, United Kingdom
17:12 - 17:24
Audience participation and discussion
17:24 - 17:32
Surgical reconstruction of Charcot foot
Speaker:   Venu Kavarthapu, London, United Kingdom
17:32 - 17:40
Bypass outcomes where no autologous vein available
Speaker:   Robert Hinchliffe, Bristol, United Kingdom
17:40 - 17:48
Perineural local anaesthetic catheter after major lower limb amputation trial (PLACEMENT): Results from a multicentre randomised-controlled feasibility trial
Speaker:   Graeme Ambler, Bristol, United Kingdom
17:48 - 18:00
Audience participation and discussion