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CX Venous Techniques & Technologies (edited cases) - Day 1 - Wednesday, 17th April
Venue:   Venous City (Exhibition Level)
Time: 09:30 - 10:30 London time (BST)
CX Venous edited cases - Morning
Time: 09:30 - 10:30 London time (BST)
Chairing:   Stephen Black, London, United Kingdom
Moderator:   Steve Elias, Englewood, United States
09:30 - 09:50
Customised superficial therapy in advanced venous disease and ulceration
Speaker:   Manj Gohel, Cambridge, United Kingdom
09:50 - 10:10
VenaSeal procedure
Speaker:   Kathleen Gibson, Bellevue, United States
10:10 - 10:30
Ultrasound valve diagnostics
Speaker:   Johann Christoph Ragg, Berlin, Germany
CX Venous edited cases - Afternoon
Time: 13:00 - 13:30 London time (BST)
13:00 - 13:30
Interactive case vignettes
Speakers:   Manj Gohel, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Stephen Black, London, United Kingdom
CX Venous Workshop - Day 1 (Superficial)
Venue:   Venous City (Exhibition Level)
Time: 09:30 - 15:30 London time (BST)
The CX Venous Workshop is open from 10:30 to 15:30 on Wednesday and Thursday. Participants are invited to visit the workshop as they please to explore the venous technologies available.
Facilitator:   Tristan Lane, London, United Kingdom
Hayley Moore, London, United Kingdom
Practical hands-on skills
Demonstrator:   Roshan Bootun, London, United Kingdom
Device positioning
Demonstrator:   Gregory Fulton, Wilton, Ireland
Saroj Das, Uxbridge, United Kingdom
Tumescent anaesthesia
Demonstrator:   Joseph Shalhoub, London, United Kingdom
Matthew Metcalfe, Stevenage, United Kingdom
Diagnostic venous ultrasound -
Diagnostic venous ultrasound
Demonstrator:   Mary Ellis, London, United Kingdom
Hema Rao, London, United Kingdom
PIUR Tomographic ultrasound
Demonstrator:   Gurdeep Jandu, Bolton, United Kingdom
Thermal ablation techniques
Endothermal treatment (laser and RF) of very large veins
Demonstrator:   Denis Borsuk, Chelyabinsk, Russia
Dmitrii Rosukhovskii, St. Petersburg, Russia
Demonstrator:   Ravinder Singh-Ranger, Swindon, United Kingdom
Demonstrator:   Attila Szabo, Budapest, Hungary
Rudi Devers, Antwerp, Belgium
Steam ablation
Demonstrator:   Huw Davies, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Rene Milleret, Montpellier, France
Thermal station
Demonstrator:   Egemen Okur, Ankara, Turkey
Hands-on with the new SnakeBack technology
Demonstrator:   Philippe Rochon, Loos, France
Microwave therapeutic system for varicose vein
Demonstrator:   Brian Day, Nanjing, China
Non-thermal ablation techniques
Flebogrif method for saphenous reflux
Demonstrator:   Tomasz Zubilewicz, Lublin, Poland
Marek Ilzecki, Lublin, Poland
VariClose adhesive
Demonstrator:   Kursat Bozkurt, Istanbul, Turkey
ClariVein mechanochemical ablation
Demonstrator:   Leith Williams, Liverpool, United Kingdom
VenaSeal closure device
Demonstrator:   Kathleen Gibson, Bellevue, United States
Demonstrator:   Talha Kocer, Ankara, Turkey
Tributary treatment
Foam phlebectomy
Demonstrator:   Rochelle Wolfe, Minneapolis, United States
Aesthetic phlebology
Hand vein treatment options
Demonstrator:   Alexander Flor, Vienna, Austria
Surgical treatment of reticular veins
Demonstrator:   Sylvain Chastanet, Nice, France
Foam sclerotherapy for tributaries
Demonstrator:   Isaac Nyamekye, Worcester, United Kingdom
Foam sclerotherapy for truncal reflux
Demonstrator:   Gareth Bate, Solihull, United Kingdom
Sclerotherapy for reticular veins and telangiectasia
Demonstrator:   Margaret Gardner, Ashtead, United Kingdom
Claudine Hamel-Desnos, Caen, France
Matthieu Josnin, La Rooche sur Yon, France
Air plethysmography
Demonstrator:   Christopher Lattimer, London, United Kingdom
Teresa Rola, London, United Kingdom
Strain gauge plethysmography
Demonstrator:   Oskar Nelzen, Linköping, Sweden
Surgical procedures for lymphoedema
Demonstrator:   Harry Voesten, Drachten, Netherlands
Aina Greig, London, United Kingdom
Alexander Lamprou, Groningen, Netherlands
Graded hydrotherapy for lymphoedema
Demonstrator:   Erica Menegatti, Ferrara, Italy
Compression techniques
Novel compression device
Demonstrator:   Johann Christoph Ragg, Berlin, Germany
Compression bandaging techniques
Demonstrator:   Angela Williams, London, United Kingdom
Vishwatee Ramdass, London, United Kingdom
Additional stations
Treatment of perforator veins
Demonstrator:   Steve Elias, Englewood, United States
Venous embryology and anatomy and virtual reality teaching
Demonstrator:   Jean-Francois Uhl, Paris, France
Cynoacrylate glue to treat erectile dysfunction
Demonstrator:   Sriram Narayanan, Singapore, Singapore
Choosing between endovenous modalities
Demonstrator:   Armando Mansilha, President EBVS, Porto, Portugal
AVM treatment strategy
Demonstrator:   Walter Wohlgemuth, Regensburg, Germany
Saphenous sparing treatment
Demonstrator:   Sergio Gianesini, Ferrara, Italy
Assessment of swollen legs
Demonstrator:   Sarah Thomis, Leuven, Belgium
Decision making for pelvic vein disease
Demonstrator:   Neil Khilnani, New York, United States
PPG for dynamic assessment of venous function
Demonstrator:   Mohammed Aslam, London, United Kingdom
Roving Demonstrators
Demonstrator:   Sudip Ray, London, United Kingdom