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Electronic Posters - on display from - Tuesday, 16th April
Venue:   Poster Gallery
The e-posters will be displayed on large touchscreens in the exhibition hall. The screens will display a rolling slideshow of all e-posters and will have interactive menus with the option to find and view individual posters for a longer time. On each day of the conference the e-posters can be viewed on any of the interactive touchscreens. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during lunch breaks there will be selected poster presentations sessions.
CX Acute Stroke E-posters
Two strategies in patients with severe bilateral carotid stenosis in cardiac surgery plan
Presenter:   Fernando Belcastro, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Endovascular treatment of rare supra-aortic steal syndrome
Presenter:   Nelson Camacho, Lisbon, Portugal
Internal carotid artery surgical repair in patients with contralateral occlusion
Presenter:   Mikhail Chernyavskiy, St. Petersburg, Russia
Early carotid endarterectomy in symptomatic patients
Presenter:   Cristina Galeandro, Bari, Italy
External to internal carotid transposition to treat a symptomatic internal carotid aneurysm: An open surgical challenge on the endovascular era
Presenter:   Nelson Camacho, Lisbon, Portugal
Somato-sensory evoked potentials reduces shunt incidence during carotid endarterectomy
Presenter:   Marco Leopardi, L'Aquila, Italy
Evaluation of [18F]NaF uptake in symptomatic and asymptomatic carotid plaques and assessment of predictive vulnerable plaque patterns
Presenter:   Marta Mari, Padua, Italy
A case series about the changed antiplatelet protocol for carotid endarterectomy in a teaching hospital: More patients with complications?
Presenter:   Martijn Marsman, Tilburg, Netherlands
One-year result of stent graft for carotid artery pseudoaneurysm in Behcet’s disease patients
Presenter:   Ahmed Naga, Alexandria, Egypt
The effect of carotid revascularisation on the ophthalmic artery flow
Presenter:   Petroula Nana, Larissa, Greece
The role of operative volume on outcomes for carotid endarterectomy: An analysis of UK hospital and surgeon level data
Presenter:   Guy Martin, London, United Kingdom
Endovascular treatment of a tracheo-carotid artery fistula through a covered stent placement in the common carotid artery
Presenter:   Maria Antonella Ruffino, Turin, Italy
Utility of ferumoxytol-enhanced three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging of carotid atheroma - feasibility and temporal dependence study
Presenter:   Ammara Usman, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Application of sinus-saving modification of carotid endarterectomy for prevention postoperative complications caused by destabilisation of central haemodynamic
Presenter:   Georgii Treiger, Russia
CX Thoracic Aortic E-posters
Embolisation with Amplatzer vascular plug for a pseudoaneurysm resulting from surgical repair of recurent aortic coarctation
Presenter:   Mohamed Ben Hammamia, Tunis, Tunisia
Endovascular and hybrid treatment of the thoracic and thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms and dissections
Presenter:   Pavel Bondarenko, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Endovascular treatment of traumatic thoracic aortic lesions
Presenter:   Giuseppe Deiana, Cagliari, Italy
Device conformability after thoracic endovascular aortic repair: A single-centre experience
Presenter:   Jose Antonio del Castro Madrazo, Oviedo, Spain
Strategies to minimise risk of spinal cord injury during complex endovascular aortic repair
Presenter:   Luis Mariano Ferreira, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Aortic remodelling effect of Zenith dissection endovascular system on acute type B aortic dissection with patent false lumen
Presenter:   Kenichi Hashizume, Shinagawa, Japan
Covered endovascular repair of innominate artery bifurcation after blunt thoracic trauma
Presenter:   António Neves, Porto, Portugal
Outcomes of surgeon-modified fenestrated endograft repair for juxtarrenal aortic aneurysm
Presenter:   Luis Mariano Ferreira, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Outcomes of thoracic endovascular aortic repair for retrograde type A acute aortic dissection
Presenter:   Atsushi Omura, Suita, Japan
Geometric and haemodynamic analysis of abdominal branches after complex endovascular aneurysm repair
Presenter:   Enrique María San Norberto García, Valladolid, Spain
Avoiding arch manipulation with catheterisation of left subclavian artery for endovascular repair of distal descending aorta
Presenter:   Sahin Senay, Istanbul, Turkey
Aortic pathology in HIV: Review of the literature
Presenter:   Valeria Silvestri, Latina, Italy
Endovascular treatment of type B aortic dissection in end-stage renal disease
Presenter:   Min Zhou, Shanghai, China
Off-label implantation of Viabahn balloon-expandable stent graft to treat supra-aortic trunk obstructive lesions: A case series of three patients
Presenter:   Carlo Maturi, Padova, Italy
CX Abdominal Aortic E-posters
Primary ilio-enteric fistula caused by a ruptured aortoiliac aneurysm: Emergent endovascular treatment
Presenter:   Ines Antunes, Porto, Portugal
Contrast-free approach of patients with abdominal aortic disease and renal insufficiency
Presenter:   Giulia Bernardini, Catania, Italy
The importance of nurse’s telephone call based on a protocol after patient's hospital discharge: A case report in Londrina/PR-Brazil
Presenter:   Ricardo Bernardo da Silva, Londrina, Brazil
An original bailout solution for renal artery dissection after FEVAR
Presenter:   Alice Lopes, PORTO, Portugal
A new approach to endovascular aneurysm repair surveillance with contrast-enhanced ultrasound
Presenter:   Claudio Castagno, Biella, Italy
Analysis of the morbimortality results and costs in a reference center for the correction of abdominal, pararenal and thoracic aortic aneurysms in a city in the south of Brazil
Presenter:   Ricardo Bernardo da Silva, Londrina, Brazil
Non contrast computed tomography for preoperative endovascular aortic repair planning: Impact on early and mid-term outcomes
Presenter:   Mariano Castelli, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Percutaneous groin access for EVAR in ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm: The experience in Burapha University Hospital
Presenter:   Trakarn Chaivanit, Chonburi, Thailand
Late open conversion after EVAR. Aortic banding as a safe and effective procedure in patients with late endoleak type I
Presenter:   Michal Swider, Warsaw, Poland
Mid-term complications after endovascular aneurysm sealing with the Nellix system: Incidence, clinical significance and potential causes; a single-centre experience
Presenter:   Ombretta Martinelli, Rome, Italy
Endovascular repair of saccular infrarenal AAAs using custom-made unibody conical endografts. Is it time for a rebirth of the aortoaortic concept?
Presenter:   Mario D'Oria, Torricella, Italy
Endovascular exclusion of endoleak type I-B: A case report
Presenter:   Nelson Encarnacion Santana, Mexico City, Mexico
Predictors of late type Ia endoleak
Presenter:   Luis Mariano Ferreira, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The novel aorto-aortic-uni-Nellix configuration: An off-the-shelf endovascular solution for aneurysms with adjacent extremely narrow aorta
Presenter:   Triantafyllos Giannakopoulos, Piraeus, Greece
Endovascular repair of hostile neck abdominal aortic aneurysm: A case report
Presenter:   Nelson Encarnacion Santana, Mexico City, Mexico
Single-centre experience with covered endovascular reconstruction of aortic bifurcation: Two-year results
Presenter:   Rocco Giudice, Roma, Italy
Majority of elective small aneurysm repairs still fall within current SVS guidelines
Speaker:   Thomas Heafner, Rochester, United States
Outcome of total percutaneous endovascular aortic repair with the Perclose proGlide technique
Presenter:   Simone Hofer, Chur, Switzerland
Evaluating risk factors for contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) and application of existing risk prediction models for CIN in an Asian population undergoing EVAR
Presenter:   Qiantai Hong, Singapore, Singapore
Renal function in endovascular aneurysm sealing repair: A retrospective analysis
Presenter:   Fahad Iqbal, London, United Kingdom
Use of EndoAnchors in Asian patients with short-neck abdominal aortic aneurysms who are not suitable for fenestrated repairs: A tertiary centre early experience
Presenter:   Qiantai Hong, Singapore, Singapore
Type II endoleaks: A sheep can become a wolf
Presenter:   Gaetano La Barbera, Palermo, Italy
A new fully automated imaging software to characterise abdominal aortic aneurysms properties
Presenter:   Fabien Lareyre, Cannes, France
Superior mesenteric artery open surgical revascularisation: A single-centre experience
Presenter:   Sandeep Mahapatra, Hyderabad, India
Endovascular options of treating iliac aneurysms
Presenter:   Marek Majewski, CRÉTEIL, France
Factors associated with increased incidence of rupture in large (>80mm) AAA
Presenter:   Petroula Nana, Larissa, Greece
Short-stay EVAR: Which patients are suitable?
Presenter:   Ryan Preece, London, United Kingdom
Impact of baseline renal function on the five-year mortality in octogenarians undergoing EVAR followed up with CT angiogram
Presenter:   Simran Parmar, Newcastle-under-Lyme, United Kingdom
Endovascular stenting of spontaneous isolated dissection of superior mesenteric artery (SID-SMA): A case report
Presenter:   Roshan Rodney Sengodan, Coimbatore, India
Endoleak type II: How difficult can it be to treat?
Presenter:   Tiago Soares, Matosinhos, Portugal
An alternative way to treat iliac aneurysm
Presenter:   Filippo Benedetto, Messina, Italy
Extra indications for fenestrated or branched stent grafts
Presenter:   Malgorzata Szostek-Szubert, Warsaw, Poland
Adjuncts to suture-based vascular closure devices increase successful femoral closure rate in percutaneous endovascular aneurysm repair
Presenter:   Selva Theivacumar, Harrow, United Kingdom
Clinical and cost-effectiveness of open vs. endovascular repair for ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm: 10-year single-centre experience of Japan
Presenter:   Yukio Umeda, Gifu, Japan
Long-term outcome of transarterial embolisation for persistent type II endoleak after endovascular abdominal aortic repair
Presenter:   Masato Yamaguchi, Kobe, Japan
CX Peripheral E-posters
Catheter-directed thrombolysis with alteplase in treatment of acute arterial occlusion: Challenging cases
Presenter:   Gulen Sezer Alptekin Erkul, Kutahya, Turkey
The novel role of IL-37 to enhance T regulatory cells anti-inflammatory response in patients with peripheral atherosclerosis
Presenter:   Hassan Lotfy, Alexandria, Egypt
Ulnar artery aneurysm and hypothenar hammer syndrome
Presenter:   Salvatore Turiano, Nicolosi, Italy
Use of tourniquet for surgical revascularisation of infrainguinal lesions
Presenter:   Ricardo Bernardo da Silva, Londrina, Brazil
Atherectomy and thrombectomy of chronically occluded popliteal artery
Presenter:   Miroslav Bulvas, Prague, Czech Republic
Venous arterialization by flow reduction in non-reconstructable foot arteries
Presenter:   David Chayen, Elkana, Israel
Vascular fellow and resident experience performing open surgery and endovascular surgery during training in a single center in the south of Brazil
Presenter:   Ricardo Bernardo da Silva, Londrina, Brazil
Desmoplastic fibroblastoma entrapping brachial artery - a unique case report
Presenter:   Nuno Coelho, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Portable infrared thermography: A useful tool in the management of diabetic feet?
Presenter:   Colette Cook, Wrexham, United Kingdom
The level of the qualitative and the quantitative malnutrition in patients suffering from the critical limb ischaemia
Presenter:   Anna Danowska, Warszawa, Poland
Progression of peripheral arterial disease in the elderly living in remote rural areas with limited health care access: Impending danger of limb loss?
Presenter:   Elena Domuschieva, Burgas, Bulgaria
Role of duplex guided infragenicular agioplasty in saving limbs
Presenter:   Sameh Elimam, Cairo, Egypt
National Medical Center "20 de Noviembre" experience with drug-coated balloons in peripheral arterial disease
Presenter:   Nelson Encarnacion Santana, Mexico City, Mexico
Anthropometric measures in intermittent claudication and critical limb ischaemia
Presenter:   Joana Ferreira, Guimarães, Portugal
Early and long-term results of endovascular treatment of supra aortic trunks aneurysm
Presenter:   Serena Pisanello, Lecce, Italy
The role of endovascular treatment in vascular complications of behcet disease-a case report
Presenter:   Pedro Garrido, Amadora, Portugal
Outcomes of Hybrid Procedures for Peripheral Arterial Disease: 5-year single center experience
Presenter:   Stefany Gonzalez De Leo, Mexico
Exercise programme for intermittent claudication: Medway maritime hospital study
Presenter:   HJ Hammawa, Coventry, United Kingdom
Ultrasound-guided recanalisation of an occluded femoropopliteal bypass
Presenter:   Thomas Nowak, Essen, Germany
Surgical technique of Impella 5.0 ventricular assist device transaxillary artery placement
Presenter:   Maria Katsarou, Milan, Italy
Bypass to nowhere: Blind tibial artery as the only target vessel for limb salvage
Presenter:   Pavel Kuryanov, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Successful endovascular treatment of an acutely thromobosed popliteal aneurysm with an anterior tibial artery anatomical variation using IVUS as an adjunct
Presenter:   Maria Pilar Lamarca Mendoza, Toledo, Spain
Post traumatic ruptured deep femoral artery branch pseudoaneurysm: A limb- and life-threatening case
Presenter:   Luv Luthra, Bangalore, India
Role of catheter-directed thrombolysis in patients with acute on chronic limb ischaemia due to Buerger's disease with no distal reformation
Presenter:   Sridhar Murugesan, Chennai, India
Combined endovascular exclusion with percutaneous sac aspiration and thrombin injection in the management of symptomatic peripheral (pseudo)aneurysms
Presenter:   Mario Moreira, Maia, Portugal
Endovascular patient with renal insufficiency - techniques that need minimum volume of iodine contrast
Presenter:   Piotr Myrcha, Warsaw, Poland
Drug coated balloons in btk disease - an Indian perspective
Presenter:   Nadumaskeri Subraya Rahul, Bengaluru, India
Modified surgical approach to treat thoracic outlet compression syndrome: The venetian blind technique
Presenter:   Ali Navi, London, United Kingdom
Massive left thigh high-flow arteriovenous malformation
Presenter:   António Neves, Porto, Portugal
New technique: Prosthetic axillobifemoral bypass under the muscle at the inguinal and abdominal area to avoid infection
Speaker:   Matti Pokela, Oulu, Finland
Using stent grafts for the treatment of arterial injuries caused by penetrating trauma to the extremities
Presenter:   Mohamed Rizk, Cairo, Egypt
Diagnosis and treatment of patients with congenital vascular anomalies: The value of an interdisciplinary vascular anomaly center for dedicated management
Presenter:   Maliha Sadick, Mannheim, Germany
Pediatric vascular trauma experience: 10-year review
Presenter:   Ronza Salem, Jerusalem, Israel
Experience of hybrid revascularisations over a period of two years at the Centre for Cardiovascular Surgery in Vienna, Austria
Presenter:   Karin Elisabeth Schmidt, Vienna, Austria
Idiopathic proximal ulnar artery aneurysm - a case report
Presenter:   Roshan Rodney Sengodan, Coimbatore, India
Low velocity rotational artherectomy with variable tip radius for chronic total occlusions: Preliminary results of a CE-mark trial
Presenter:   Joerg Tessarek, Lingen, Germany
Sarcomatous degeneration of thrombosed arterialised venous graft
Presenter:   Carlos Veterano, Porto, Portugal
Tibiopedal retrograde access for treatment of critical limb ischaemia. Experience at a vascular centre in Mexico City
Presenter:   Fausto Julian Virgen Barron, Mexico City, Mexico
Open surgical management of subclavian artery transection after a gunshot injury: Case report and literature review
Presenter:   Bruna Naves, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Infection risk in vascular surgery; a wound based classification
Presenter:   Thomas Joseph, Preston, United Kingdom
High platelet reactivity and low platelet response to aspirin in patients with peripheral artery disease (pad) treated with pecrutaneous transluminal angioplasty (pta) of the arteries of lower limbs - single centre study
Presenter:   Michal Juszynski, Warsaw, Poland
CX Venous E-posters
One-year outcome of combine mechanical thrombectomy and cathether-directed thrombolysis for the management acute DVT
Presenter:   Narendra Nath Khanna, New Delhi, India
Assessment of ethnic disparities in pain scores during varicose vein ablation
Presenter:   Amish Acharya, London, United Kingdom
Role of MTHFR mutation in clinical manifestation of acute massive bilateral DVT in young male
Presenter:   Narendra Nath Khanna, New Delhi, India
Endovascular management of chronic iliofemoral venous thrombosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Presenter:   Georgios Georgiadis, Alexandroupolis, Greece
Iliac vein stenting for non-thrombotic iliac vein lesions and post-thrombotic syndrome in an Asian population
Presenter:   Rhan Chaen Chong, Singapore, Singapore
Adrenal vein sampling for primary aldosteronism: Long-term experience from a national referral centre
Presenter:   Anita Dobrovolec, Velenje, Slovenia
Endovascular treatment of deep vein thrombosis following renal transplant
Presenter:   Narendra Nath Khanna, New Delhi, India
Ultrasound-guided catheter-directed thrombolysis
Presenter:   Joana Ferreira, Guimarães, Portugal
Can vein patch interposition after sapheno-femoral ligation prevent postoperative neovascularisation at the saphenofemoral junction?
Presenter:   Asser Abd El-Hamid Goda, Cairo, Egypt
Venous leg ulcers: Review of predictors for poor healing and the importance of ulcer location
Presenter:   Alejandro Jose Gonzalez Ochoa, St. Louis, Mexico
Right ventricular free wall longitudinal strain and tricuspid regurgitation jet velocity for predicting right heart failure and mortality in acute pulmonary embolism
Presenter:   Mustafa Sirlak, Ankara, Turkey
Radiofrequency ablation of isolated calf perforator reflux; a simple and highly effective treatment for resistant venous ulcers
Presenter:   Nalaka Gunawansa, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Concomitant sclerotherapy during endovenous laser ablation
Presenter:   Chia-Ying Lin, Taichung, Taiwan
Five-year patency outcomes following deep venous stenting
Presenter:   Kemal Kemal, Nottingham, United Kingdom
One-year sonographic follow-up of using 1% polidocanol endovenous microfoam for sapheno-femoral trunk vein and lower leg varicose veins in China Medical University Hospital
Presenter:   Chia-Ying Lin, Taichung, Taiwan
The reflux duration increases with the gap width on a 2D computational model of the popliteal venous valve
Presenter:   Dmitrii Rosukhovskii, St. Petersburg, Russia
Challenging management of various non-varicose diseases: A representative selection of cases
Presenter:   Frank Meyer, Magdeburg, Germany
Does superficial vein size correlate to advanced venous disease? A single-centre experience
Presenter:   Vimalin Samuel, Vellore, India
Compression therapy in lymphedema: Is it cost-effective?
Presenter:   Walied Khereba, Cairo, Egypt
Aspirin is more effective than LMWH in prevention of rethrombosis in pregnancy
Presenter:   Mosaad Soliman, Mansoura, Egypt
Central venous occlusive disease in haemodialysis patients. What to do when the dialysis fistula is quickly occluded after reintervention?
Presenter:   Ewa Swiecka, Berlin, Germany
eCAT: Hybrid treatment of lower limb varicose vein
Presenter:   Walied Khereba, Cairo, Egypt
Laser treatment of the Giacomini vein
Presenter:   Nicolas Neaume, Toulouse, France
Residual reflux despite technical successful treatment of great saphenous vein incompetence using plethysmography and Duplex ultrasound: One-year data
Presenter:   Oskar Nelzen, Linköping, Sweden
Embolisation of peripheral arteriovenous malformations in a low-cost setting
Presenter:   Pranay Pawar, Chennai, India
A large fluid collection after mechanochemical ablation for treatment of saphenous vein reflux, unusual case presentation
Presenter:   Kunwoo Kim, Seoul, South Korea
Vena cava filter deployment prior to percutaneous endovenous therapy for proximal lower limb deep venous thrombosis: Should we routinely practice?
Presenter:   Mohamed Ismail, Cairo, Egypt
New approach for hemorrhoidal disease by intravascular ultrasound and iliac venous system stenting
Presenter:   Juan Guilleuma, Madrid, Spain
CX Vascular Access E-posters
Early cannulation grafts for haemodialysis: An updated systematic review
Presenter:   Julien Al Shakarchi, Halesowen, United Kingdom
Use of incisional negative pressure wound therapy in preventing brachial-basilic arteriovenous fistula infection
Presenter:   Muthaiah Arunaachalam, Singapore, Singapore
Infections in arteriovenous grafts in haemodialysis patients
Presenter:   Prashanth Chowdary, London, United Kingdom
Assessment of patency rate of forearm loop graft for haemodialysis in obese patients. A unicentric study
Presenter:   Ashraf Elsharkawy, London, United Kingdom
Our experience in managing aneurysmal arteriovenous fitsulas
Presenter:   Mohamed Elzawahry, London, United Kingdom
Five years’ follow-up to of endovascular management of arteriovenous fistula complications
Presenter:   Nelson Encarnacion Santana, Mexico City, Mexico
Cephalic vein transposition and rectilinisation
Presenter:   Joana Ferreira, Guimarães, Portugal
The use of angioscopy in vascular access surgery: Shedding new light
Presenter:   Mohamad Kamarizan, Wrexham, United Kingdom
Endovascular management of exhausted vascular access syndrome: A case report
Presenter:   Nelson Encarnacion Santana, Mexico City, Mexico
Artificial intelligence and future of vascular access surgery
Presenter:   Ali Kordzadeh, Broomfield, United Kingdom
A fully implantable device for vascular access
Presenter:   Fabrizio Lo Iacono, Naples, Italy
Creation of the vascular access programme in renal chronic disease unit in a public hospital of the national healthcare system
Presenter:   Cristina Lozano Ruiz, Albacete, Spain
Endovascular treatment for failing arteriovenous fistula due to central vein stenosis
Presenter:   Teodora Mares, Bucharest, Romania
Anatomical and technical aspects that influence the radiation dose of interventional procedures on hemodialysis vascular accesses
Presenter:   Daniel Azevedo Mendes, Porto, Portugal
Snuffbox arteriovenous fistula-ups and downs
Presenter:   Teodora Mares, Bucharest, Romania
Paclitaxel-coated balloon vs. plain angioplasty balloon for dysfunctional dialysis access: A prospective double-blinded randomised controlled trial - six-month result shows promising outcome in DCB group
Presenter:   Skyi Yin Chun Pang, Hong Kong
Peripherally inserted chemoport (PIT) technique. A simple techinique that delivers with minimal complications: The Hospital Kuala Lumpur experience
Presenter:   Lily Sofida Rahim, Klebang Besar, Malaysia
A prospective randomised study comparing the use of an uncoated balloon for primary balloon angioplasty vs. hydrostatic dilatation to prepare the cephalic vein prior to creation of radiocephalic arteriovenous for dialysis
Presenter:   Mohamed Rizk, Cairo, Egypt
Anastomotic pseudoaneurysm of brachio-radial artery in a dialysis patient - a case report
Presenter:   Roshan Rodney Sengodan, Coimbatore, India
A randomised control trial evaluating the effect of preoperative forearm exercise on cephalic vein diameter and vascular access outcome
Presenter:   Louise Silva, Wrexham, United Kingdom
Radiocephalic fistula recovery using the brachial vein and forearm basilic vein
Presenter:   Antonio Norton de Matos, Porto, Portugal
Hybrid arteriovenous graft for haemodialysis vascular access in a multicentre registry
Presenter:   Domenico Spinelli, Messina, Italy
Covered stent grafts are an important endovascular option for haemodialysis patients
Presenter:   Tobias Steinke, Dusseldorf, Germany
Surgical treatment of cephalic arch stenosis through the rotation of the external jugular vein: Case report
Presenter:   Antonio Norton de Matos, Porto, Portugal
The significance of brachiocephalic fistula anastomosis calibre on outcomes
Presenter:   Safa Salim, London, United Kingdom
Arterial percutaneous angioplasty in haemodialysis access-induced distal ischaemia
Presenter:   Ines Antunes, Porto, Portugal
Should hyperfunctioning arteriovenous fistula be closed after renal transplantation?
Presenter:   Salvatore Turiano, Nicolosi, Italy
Outcomes of arteriovenous fistulae catheter-directed thrombolysis within an Asian population
Presenter:   Li Zhang, Winnipeg, Canada